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SCME SW DISC IMAGE v6.3.0.5 20171221

ПО и Патчи для Samsung Communication Manager Express

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SCME SW DISC IMAGE v6.3.0.5 20171221

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Установочный диск (.img) с ОС сервера IP платформы Samsung Communication Manager Express, версия 20171221.

New Version 6.3.0.x Changes:
< Upgrade Cautions! >
 After upgrading to V6.3.0.x, the SSH and SFTP connection failure error can happen in PC which is storing old SCME's SSH and SFTP connection information (cache file).
 Solution: Delete old SCME's SSH and SFTP connection information (cache file) in PC.
 In V6.2.0, MOH IDs 1120 ~ 1129 are deleted and no longer available. If these MOH IDs are used in the current running version, change those MOH IDs to other IDs before upgrade. (Refer to the release note “MOH ID 1120~1129 are deleted” for details.)
 In V6.1.0, when creating a new FMC user (i.e. its Phone Type is Samsung-Mobile-Phone), “Push Notification” is set to “Enable” as a default. The existing user’s “Push Notification” is not changed after upgrading.
 In case push is used, interworking with push server is required.
 In case push is not used, change “Push Notification” to “Disable”.
(From the Android V6.0, periodic registration (REGISTER message) with short period can be blocked by Smart Manager and Doze Mode. This prevent a call from reaching to that FMC.)
 When upgrading from version 6.1.0.x or earlier, you need to get a new MultiLing license for sites that use MultiLing.

<Kernel, SSL, SSH, NTP Downgrade Cautions! >
 When downgrading from V6.3.0.x to a lower version, execute, ssl_ssh_ntp_downgrade.sh in SCME 6.2 Package.

1. [-/-/KOREA] CLIR(Calling line identification restriction) Override Feature
You can display the CID number of anonymous call
- [CONFIGURATION > Service > Feature Service > Feature Code ] CLIR Override - Cancel, CLIR Override – Set
- [CONFIGURATION > Service > Feature Service > Service Activation] CLIR Override

2. [-/-/KOREA] CLIR(Calling line identification restriction) Call Reject Feature
You can reject anonymous call
- [CONFIGURATION > Service > Feature Service > Feature Code] CLIR Call Reject - Cancel, CLIR Call Reject – Set
- [CONFIGURATION > Service > Feature Service > Service Activation] CLIR Call Reject

3. [-/-/KOREA] You can create a service group with the same service group code

4. [-/-/-] Add New Phone Type (SMT-i1002)
- When you set ‘SMT-i1xxx Phone Use, you can use SMT-i1xxx Phone.
- [CONFIGURATION > User Group > Change User Group > Options > SMT-i1xxx Phone Use]
- [CONFIGURATION > User > Single Phone User > SMT-i1xxx Phone]

5. [-/-/-] Add New Phone Type (SMT-i6005, 18.01 will be released)

6. [TE173032/-/SEAU] Blind Transfer for phone which is set Preset FWD
- If the called IP Phone calls an IP Phone with Preset FWD set and then terminates the call, the Blind Transfer function is activated.
- Must Upgrade phone PKG
- Supported Type : SMT-i60XX T01.53, SMT-i5343 T03.98, SMT-i5230 T02.95, SMT-i5220 T02.94, SMT-i2205 T02.94, SMT-i5210 T02.96
- If you want to use this function, you need to set up the DB below.
- [CONFIGURATION > User Group > Change User Group > Options > Fast Blind Transfer]

7. [-/-/KOREA] Upgrading searching subscriber name from DB
- Fixed way of searching names of subscribers - typing whole name isn’t needed

8. [TE17306W/-/KOREA] Added Smart Routing inter User Groups option.
- This option can be used for smart routing service inter User Groups.
- [CONFIGURATION > User Group > User Group Change > Options > Smart Routing inter User Groups]

9. [TE17901S/-/KOREA] Added extension lock feature for non-payment users.
- It’s added feature offering call lock announcement, when a non-payment subscribe use a phone
- [CONFIGURATION > User > Single Phone User > Service Tab > Extension Lock]
- [CONFIGURATION > User > Multi Phone User > Service Tab > Extension Lock]

10. [-/-/-] Park Orbit BLF Key is added.
- The Programmed Key, which show call status stored within "Orbit Number" is added.
- When user presses the "Park Orbit BLF" button in the status where LED is turned off, the "Park Orbit BLF" button parks the call in configured Orbit Number.
- When user presses the "Park Orbit BLF" button in the status where LED is blinked, the "Park Orbit BLF" button retrieve the parked call in configured Orbit Number.
- [CONFIGURATION > User > Phone Key Programming]
- Key Name: Park Orbit BLF
- Value: 2 digits number except ‘00’.

11. [TE16B05Z/-/SEUK] Improved PAI handling for an emergency call.
- In case of an emergency call, the feature to send caller's number selectively to PAI Header and From Header has been added.
- [CONFIGURATION > Trunk Routing > Route > Additional SIP Tab > Emergency Call SIP P-Asserted ID Type]

12. [TE17606A/-/SEAU]Multi REGI with multiple number ranges is added.
- [CONFIGURATION > Trunk Routing > Route > Basic Configuration > User Number Range1 ~10]
- Block: GUI

13. [TE17901R/-/KOREA] Add anonymous call URI type.
- [CONFIGURATION > Trunk Routing > Route > Number Translation > Anonymous URI : User Number URI]
- Ex: From: "Anonymous"<sip:327416167@ug1.scm.com:5060>
- Block: CSB, SIPB

14. [-/-/SSA] Change FXS Ring Detect Time
- [CONFIGURATION > Gateway > IPX Setting > Gateway Timer - FXO Ring Detect Time(ms)]
- Before: 400, After: 300
- Block: DMB

15. [TE17703E/-/ALL] Hunt Display Name Option
- SCM provides an Incoming call display option for each Hunt Group, when destination number match the ‘DID Routing’.
- SCM can select one of these options
- [CONFIGURATION > Service > Group Service > Hunt Group > Member Display Name]

16. [TE17804Z/-/ALL] 1 User can be added as a member of 50 Hunt Groups
- Maximum number of Hunt Group that user can be added is extended from 5 to 50.

17. [-/-/SEA] Fixed a security vulnerability on SCME.
- Upgraded an Apache to 2.4.27.
- Upgraded a Tomcat to 7.0.79

18. [-/-/-] Avoid a conflict Firewall setup UI in OS and a MPS module in a SCME.
- Firewall setup UI is disabled in a LINUX OS.

19. [TE17500X/-/SEUK] Fixed a HA(High Available) problem under virtual machine and network.
- When a HA configuration is set up with a virtual switch that is configured 1500 MTU, it might be occurred timeout error.
- Fixed to can change a MTU value of ethernet 2 in a ‘change_ip’ menu of a minicli.

20. [TE17900J/-/SEAU] Improve vm prompt delay.
- Block : UMSCORE

21. [TE17505Z/-/SEAU] Fixed a problem that trunk call cannot be called when “multiple registration” is enabled.
- Block: CSB

22. [-/-/KOREA]Fixed an issue where the phone was not set up when setting “Phone Key Programming” features via SBC.
- Block: NTFB

23. [TE17504S/-/SEA] Fixed a problem that cannot be registered in VM when there are more than 16 user groups
- Block: NTFB

24. [TE17A05F/-/SEAU] Fixed sending duplicate “G.729 Annexb=no“ to SDP
- Block: SIPB

25. [TE17A01C/-/KOREA] SCM Subscribers can’t External call
- [CONFIGURATION > Trunk Routing > Load Balance Routing]
- Index error. Index was initialized and updated.
- Block: DMB

26. [TE178042/-/KOREA] Timing issue problem is fixed
- It is a problem when the semi-blind transfer and the multi-ring member answer event happened at the same time.

27. [TE17403C/-/KOREA] Fixed problem that MCUD killed
- The problem is if the call intrusion feature is used twice at the same time.

28. [TE176031/-/SEAU] MPS occupation problem is fixed
- Media path problem when remote IP Phone was connected to VM by no-answer forward.

29. [-/-/SEAU] Restoring the way to upload .wav file (3M limited -> no limit)
- Requested to restore the way to upload .wav file for large-sized file (removing file size limitation)

30. [TE17903T/-/SEA] SCM VM Alert Not Working
- Fixed problem trying to change Off Premise value, change pop-up doesn’t appear

31. [TE17601O /-/STA] Fixed to prevent ssh login as root.
- This problem is already fixed ago. But after an upgrade an ‘open-sshd’ it occurs again.
- Fixed to setup as ‘PermitRootLoin no’ in a change_ip process.

32. [TE17605G/-/KOREA] Fixed a problem (SNMPAB Message Loop Down)
- When a someone try to get/set snmp query with wrong ‘community id’ memory leakages occurs.
- Inserted a code release a allocated memory in this case.

33. [-/-/KOREA] Fixed to delete wave file in the standby server.
- After an upload wave file for MOH, the wave file is left in temp directory of standby server. (/home/si/tmp)
- Fixed to delete it after convert wave file completed and loading a converted file.

34. [-/-/KOREA] Fixed a snmp function that query registration of application server in other node in A/A configuration
- Fixed to ignore registration count of internal application server in other node

35. [TE177030/-/SSA] VM DB is not created when user group is created.
- Fixed User group name parsing error.
- Block : UMSMB

36. [TE17703W/-/SEA] Improve VM password initialization.
- Modified vm password to be changed to default password when selecting Mailbox as No at [CONFIGURATION > User > Single Phone User]
- Block : UMSMB

37. [TE176008/-/SETK] TLS Encrypted email transmission failed.
- Fixed an issue where sending failed when using an email account using port 465/587.

38. [-/-/ALL] MWI not blinking on the phone.
- Fixed an issue where the MWI is not blinking on the phone when the phone is restarted.
- Block : UMSCORE

39. [TE17103R/-/KOREA] Fixed an external ring back tone issue for hunt group in equality mode
- There is an issue that an external ring back tone is not provided for incoming call to a hunt group in equality mode. It has been fixed.

40. [TE17602N/-/KOREA] Fixed a caller id issue when transferring
- There is an issue that the phone of transferee displays the wring caller ID. It has been fixed.

41. [TE17405R/-/SEAU] Fixed a hunt group call waiting issue
- There is an issue that call waiting function does not work normally, if No Answer Time of a hunt group is set to 0. It has been fixed.

42. [TE178040/-/SEAU] Fixed a hunt group phone freezing issue.
- There is an issue that does not send an error response when a REINVITE message is received form the phone while the shuffle is not completed. It has been fixed.

43. [TE17701I/-/SSA] Fixed an outgoing call failure issue using account code.
- In the case of a call to the VM, there is a call drop issue when receiving a reINVITE message. It has been fixed.

44. [TE17A00X/-/SEA] Fixed an ACD group overflow issue.
- There is an issue that only the first member of parallel hunt group when the ACD group overflows rings. It has been fixed.

45. [TE17905E /-/KOREA] Fixed an extension call lock issue.
- There is an issue that does not works an announcement play when a call locked user makes an outgoing call. It has been fixed.

46. [TE176022/-/SSA] Fixed a CDR issue of a call using account code.
- There is an issue that does not exist account code in CDR data when a user make an outgoing call using account code. It has been fixed.

47. [-/-/-] Fixed tooltip appearing issue: when Trunk Route values saved
- When Trunk Route values are saved and PROXYB Index field is empty, tooltips appears out of nowhere. After fixing, it no longer appears even when the PROXYB index field is empty.

48. [TE17A052/-/SEA] Fixed the issue 3rd Party SIP Phone cannot be chosen
- In Single Phone User change menu, when you choose 3rd-Party-SIP-Phone sometimes License Phone Type is automatically decided as other value than the same one and inactivated. It has been fixed.

49. [TE17C002/-/SEA] Fixed the issue Feature Code values don’t appear
- In Feature Code menu for some user groups, their values don’t show up on change pop-up. It has been fixed.

50. [-/-/KOREA] Value length change. System SPAM Call Expire Timer
- [CONFIGURATION > Miscellaneous > System Options ] System SPAM Call Expire Timer
- Before : 10 ~ 600
- After : 2 ~ 600

51. [TE17B037/-/SEA] Route creation error. (DMB.exe kill)
- [CONFIGURATION > Trunk Routing > Route ] Create
- This occurs when about 64 routes using DNS are set.

52. [TE17B04J/-/KOREA] Fixed a memory leak issue of PIMB.
- Prevent a process down by memory leak.
- Fixed a periodic memory leak issue.

53. [TE17C01A/-/SEA] VM Ring plan schedule error.
- Fixed an error that the VM ring plan schedule would behave abnormally in the group stored as Index 0.

54. [TE17C014/-/SEUK] Voicemail not working when default ports changed
- Fixed a problem where silence occurs when connecting to VM after changing SIP Local UDP Port1 (SIPB) in CONFIGURATION > Miscellaneous > System Options.

55. [TE17403C /-/KOREA] Fixed MCUD down problem when the members were added to the conferencing at the same time.
- Block: MCUD.

56. [TE17C01R/-/KOREA] Fixed a problem that only the same file is continuously transmitted when using Secure FTP.
- Block : CDRB

57. [TE17B03Q /-/ SEAU] Modified anonymous call display issue.
- In case of an anonymous call, there is an issue that displays truncated route name as CLI. It has been fixed.

58. [TE178043/-/SEAU] Modified a call drop issue.
- Incoming call was picked up and dropped. It has been fixed.

59. [-/-/KOREA] Modified an issue that does not work a Multi-Ring feature.
- There is an issue where a multi-ring feature does not work for unregistered multi line. It has been fixed.

60. [-/-/KOREA] Modified wrong recording information.
- There is an issue that the recording information (calling/called) of the subscriber set for automatic recording is wrong. It has been fixed.

61. [TE17C023/-/KOREA] Modified a priority issue between Group Call Forward and Multi-ring.
- There is an issue where unregistered extension does not work as set priority between Multi-ring and Group Call Forward. It has been fixed.

62. [TE17C009/-/KOREA] Modified an issue that a Multi-ring feature does not work beyond call forwarding time.
- There is an issue that a Multi-ring feature does not work beyond call. It has been fixed.

63. [TE17B03S/-/TUR] Modified an outgoing call fail issue using account code.
- There is an issue that is not connected it when a user makes a call with hunt group DID number of another user group using account code. It has been fixed.

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